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Styling Idea: Black Turtleneck (1)

🌟 Hi ITT Girls!

During the Fall / Winter Seasons, having Warm Outfits are a Must-Have. When building My Fall / Winter Wardrobe, I like to have at least 1 "Basic Colored" (Black, White, or Ivory) Turtleneck available to Style. It's so much fun seeing how many different Outfits I can Create with the same Basic Turtleneck!

ITT Flashback - Shout Out to all of My ITT Girls who remember this ITT Graphic Circa 2008!

For the Styling Idea above, wear the Turtleneck underneath the Tunic for warmth. This makes a Classy and Comfortable Outfit to Wear to School, Church Service, Shopping, a Restaurant, Date, Family Function, Photo Shoot, Party, and more!

Thanks for Reading! Love,
Ruth 💋